The first dream

“Your head swims in darkness. You are unsure of where you are or how you came to be there. As the veil lifts, the first thing you notice is the smell of smoke. Your eyes adjust to reveal the ruins of an unfamiliar city. There are no landmarks you recognize. The city is blasted. Only a statue depicting 3 tiefling women remains intact. There is no sign of life except for 5 other individuals who appear as confused as you are.

All around you ash rains down. You look up to see thick black clouds rolling across the heavens. As you watch, you begin to catch glimpses of flame beyond the clouds. It dawns on you that the sky itself is on fire…..

The flickering of the flames above you cast eerie shadows across the land. Suddenly, about a mile away, you notice a huge, black tower, where you are sure there had not been one before. The spires at the top of the massive structure give the impression of a great hand reaching towards the burning sky. The wind picks up. Through it you can hear the whisper of horrible, unknowable words…. and the shadows around you begin to move…*”

The battle with the shadows was brief. When you fell almost everyone “woke up” to hear a commotion outside. People were stairing at the sky as the stars of the astral river flared and went out.

The first dream

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